Trip Advisor Rates B and Bs With New Counters Higher

Kitchen Countertops just for your budget –there are lots of inexpensive kitchen countertops that may actually not be the real thing you want, but can as well just be right for your kitchen at very affordable prices. 

Engineered Quartz – quartz is a really good surface for kitchen countertops and if you have a liking for quartz but you want a more affordable one, you should then try the Formica Silver Quartzite. Any kitchen will be served well by this stone-look laminate because its neutral design force makes your kitchen to be a joyous, fun, worry free and functional place to work. The power of a good Laminate flooring countertop needs not to be underestimated as it has a functional style clearly seen from its availability in different patterns and finishes which makes a much cheaper choice for those people looking for something that could help in redoing their kitchen. 

Glass – the kitchen usually has an ethereal and light feeling when glazed, tempered glass tops are used especially Tile Mart when the countertop is solid. Glass has become a very popular trend and some of these lovely shinning glass countertops are actually very expensive. To ensure that you get the feeling of the beautiful glass kitchen countertop, the 3form Chroma countertops are available as a cheaper option and they come in a variety of different colors.  They are eco-friendly, cool looking andcheap alternative.

Soapstone –soapstone has been used as a countertop for centuries and has therefore created an enduring popularity just as its countertops. Soapstone fans find their durability as the most attractive aspect. However, these durable slabs don’t come cheap in as much as they come at varied prices. You can however get that soapstone look that is more attractive but somehow affordable by getting a Formica Soapstone Sequoia. This Abbotsfort countertops is attractive with a natural stone look and it is reliable that can just serve you well as would have been the case with the more expensive soapstone.

 Reclaimed Wood –reclaimed wood can be extremely expensive considering that they are not being manufactured consistently due to the fact that they are just reclaimed old wood. However, their beauty is outstanding. If your choice of countertop is the look of wood, then you may consider the classic butcher block countertop. It is an affordable countertop that has a warm surface and requires maintenance and care. Trust this countertop to work for you if you look after it well. 

Travertine –this countertop is more associated with luxury which of course comes at a cost. The stone has a warm color that is aesthetically appealing. Formica has however, come up with Formica Solid Surface in Travertine Gold which is an affordable solid surface material and almost similar to Travertine’s look and feel.